Lemming – The Little Giant Of The North

 The story of a small rodent that every few years pops up in masses in the Scandinavian mountains and turns the ecosystem upside down.

A Wild Tales production in association with Doclights for NDR, ARTE, ORF and SVT.

The Everglades – A Watery Wilderness

A film about the largest subtropical wilderness of the United States that we have shot for several years in South Florida.

A Wild Tales production in association with Doclights for NDR, National Geographic International,  ARTE, ORF.


Wild Hungary – A Water Wonderland

A country like no other in Europe, Hungary is influenced by the rhythms of its rivers. White-tailed eagles and otters share the wetlands with many other species living close to the local people, often unnoticed. “Wild Hungary” is their intimate story presenting many never before filmed animal behaviors.

A Wild Tales (aka Azara Film) production in association with Studio Hamburg Doclights for NDR, ARTE, BR and cinema release in Hungary.


A tale about an orphaned but rescued otter pup, Viki. A dedicated woman who is a newcomer in wildlife rescuing and a famous otter expert join forces to save and raise her… But soon it turns out that they have very different views about raising wild animals. Moreover Viki gets in trouble just too many times…

A Medienkontor Gmbh and Wild Tales (aka Azara Film) co-production for ARTE and WDR.

Parting Lands – An Icelandic Saga

This multi-award winning film shows rare and fascinating sequences of the wildlife populating Iceland and investigates the interaction of animals with the strong power of nature and the tenacious human inhabitants.

A Scandinature Films production for ARTE and WDR.

Ice Hotel

Every year, builders and ice sculptors gather to build a new Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden from 30,000 tons of snow and 4,000 tons of ice. The hotel opens in mid December with about 140 beds, with a lobby, an ice church and an ice bar and many amazing icesculptures. And in the middle of April everything melts back into the River Torneälv…

A Scandinature Films production for Discovery Channel.

Of Moose And Men

In Sweden most people have a personal relationship with the moose. In attempting to portray this relationship, comes a natural history film with a twist; as much a film about people, culture and the relationship between humans and moose, as about the animals themselves.

A Scandinature Films production for WDR and ARTE.

Flatland Flyers

Three determined paragliders want to set a new world distance-record in tropical Brazil using only standard equipment like no one else before them in the history of free flight. But they almost have to pay too high a price for the adventure…

Wild Tales productions in association with Scandinature Films.

Cyanide Blues

A positive story about the Tisza river that refused to die and about the people who refused to accept defeat. This is the chronicle of the year following the worst river contamination in Europe.

A Scandinature Films production for TV4, Sweden.

Please note that some of the films listed above are Scandinature Films productions co-produced/co-directed/shot by Wild Tales’ founders Zoltán Török and Jan Henriksson. The international successes of these award winning productions have been important stepping stones in establishing Wild Tales as an independent film production company.