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Busy in the Glades and the 29th award of Wild Hungary

  • Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Wow, I’ve just checked back and it was in March when last time I wrote a post here. Too bad…
Well, not because I became reluctant but simply there was no time, spring was very busy in the Glades. And seems there is no rest in summertime either…
fbBut at least I regularly manage to upload some photos to Facebook for my colleagues and now I made these Making of photos public on this link, please just click on the photo.

…And meantime Wild Hungary got its 29th festival award, this time in Poland!!


Wild Hungary hits the wildlife film festivals across the globe!

  • Tuesday, 09 August 2011

We are delighted (and pretty amazed) to see how much the audience and jury members love our film “Wild Hungary – A Water Wonderland”. It has been awarded already on eight festivals, please check the list in the Awards menu. I am upgrading it regularly.

And we have just received the fantastic news about being nominated in the Best Habitat Program category in Jackson Hole! I have never ever expected to be a finalist in such a strong competition… We are competing with ORF’s thrilling film about the radioactive wolves of Chernobyl and BBC’s blockbuster production about Madagascar.

Honestly, quite different ones than our lovely small swamps back in Hungary…